Parent/Caregiver Respite Yoga

We understand the importance of self care! Yoga can be a transformative practice for everyone in the family, incorporating combinations of breathwork, a physical practice, and meditation or relaxation.  Join us for a free class at area studios, offered once a month in east, west, and south locations.  If you LOVE it, please revisit these studios to continue your practice!

We know how hard it is to think about “exercise”  when your day is consumed with the extra things that don’t happen in a typical household. Yoga is SO much more than a physical practice! We understand the time, emotional, and energy challenges you may be experiencing, whether you are raising a child with a disability or special needs, caring for a loved one with a serious physical or mental illness, facing a unique challenge in the home, or are coping with grief.  We see you.  We care about you and your family. We can’t solve problems, but we can get you on your mat for free, and take the pressure off for an hour.  Afterwards, even if only for the next couple of hours – you can take those tools home, breathing through the challenges.  We hope you’ll eventually make these tools a regular part of your routine, and that your peace spreads to your loved ones, and continues to spread to everyone, everywhere.  

ATTENDING ANY OF OUR RESPITE CLASSES, MAKES YOU ELIGIBLE FOR OUR ANNUAL RESPITE DAY RETREAT!  See some moments of our first annual respite retreat at the bottom of the page, and join us on the mat sometime soon! 

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I hope you’ll join us!

Bring a yoga mat, water, and a commitment to yourself! 🙂

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2024 Respite Classes - and see below for an exciting opportunity!

Attend any of our respite classes, to qualify for a scholarship to our annual respite retreat! Some moments from the first annual respite retreat are shown below. There were so many smiles, laughter, and even tears (good ones!). New friendships began, and a community came together.