MC2 STEM High School is open to any student who wants to be here and we do not have any admission criteria. Many of our students come to us freshman year grade levels behind in reading and math and struggle with issues at home and in the community. Based on numerous research, yoga and meditation help students build self-confidence, perform better academically, and teaches them about goal-setting and visualization, allowing them to have a clear idea of where they want to go and what they need to do to get there. At MC2 STEM we are lucky enough to see this in action. 

Having weekly yoga with Miss Casey has allowed our students to experience mind and body learning on a whole new level. It has been a revelation to watch them take what they learn on the mat in her classes and apply that to everyday life. When students leave yoga and meditation they report feeling “happier” and “calmer” and better than they did when they walked in the room that day. We have also been told by our students that it is “nice to get a break from all the drama”. 

Today’s teens experience more stress than ever before. Technology is so much more a part of their lives than any other generation and, though there are many benefits to this, one of the pitfalls of always being “plugged-in” is that young people have very little quiet time, away from stimulation and social pressures, to turn inward and reflect. Many of our students also deal with issues of violence and poverty and sometimes inner peace is the one thing that they can cultivate on their own and keep for themselves to help them through difficult times and the challenges they face. We are grateful to Seed Yoga and Miss Casey for the relationships she had developed at our school and for providing our students with this time to unplug and become mind and body advocates for themselves. 

Cliff Powell
Assistant Principal 
MC2 STEM High School

Avon Lake High School

Casey comes into my classes weekly during our yoga section of the class each semester to instruct yoga to my high school students.  
In this fast paced, competitive and sometimes unsettling world of a teenager, Casey brings a sense of calmness, serenity and peace to her classes.  She relates well to teens thru her use of music and knowledge of yoga.  She allows her students to move at their own pace and do what they are capable.  My classes look forward to Casey coming to instruct yoga to them.  The students leave her class refreshed, less stressed and happier for taking the 30 minutes to focus on their mind and their body.
Becky Uszak
Physical Education Teacher
Avon Lake High School

May Dugan Center

Rylie was an integral part of our anger management curriculum at the May Dugan Center as she taught clients how to utilize yoga related evidence based interventions in an effort to develop emotional regulation. Many of our clients lacked the awareness regarding how anger can manifest resulting in emotional and legal consequences. Through Rylies facilitation clients shared that they were able to apply these skills during challenging situations that would otherwise escalate”


Avon Middle School

Thanks for coming today. The kids really enjoy it. They are so calm at the dinner. It really does chill them out. We’ll need you for next season, but more often. It really is valuable to them.

Coach Connelly

New Tech West

Casey did such an amazing job engaging my students! They keep asking when they get to do yoga again!

Julie Neumann, Intervention Specialist, Planning Center